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What are we?

Our mission is to improve the analytical way of vegetable price. Started with small details, now our tool has improvised exponentially.

Who we are helping?

We are try to help the farming community to get better understanding of the price rising and fallen. Vegetable price spikes to high or low can be reduced if we have a better analytical tools and planting seeds accordingly. Farming community can easily use this tool.

Running resource?

Site maintenance and server costs are covered through publishing Ads only. So it would be great if user didn't use Ad blockers in our site and help us to maintain this site for a longer period.

What is price rise and fall?

Price rise and fall is showed in home page. These values are calculated from last 30 days of price. The today price will be compared with average price of last 30 days. If the difference value not present inside the standard deviation of last 30 days that vegetable price difference will be shown in the home page. The difference value is aggregated value of all market price, so there may be some difference in the individual market price peek and fall.

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